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Posted by: Tricky; on Sep 13th 2011

Right, the old TBBS site is now officially down. There are a few things on the old site that have to be moved into the uTBBS properly and then I close that part completely down.

Now all on this site will happen through the uTBBS project. uTBBS is a simple framework for coding sites which is currently only for my own personal use, but which I plan to release under an open source license in the future. Right now you are on the development page of uTBBS so expect that not everything completely works as it should. I'm working on multiple things at this moment, so I need time... LOADS of time smiley

As I have huge plans for this framework I will find time to work on it, that's for sure. In fact one full site has even been done with it http://www.phantasar.nl (site's in Dutch though). I'll go into full explanation on how uTBBS works once the project goes into its open-source release.


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