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Hi there;
This is a quick list of programs and other stuff that is very usable for game programming which is offered up free of charge and free of royalties.
If you know a tool or other thing that is handy for game programmers, please don't hesitate to add it to this list. Nothing it hosted here, we only link to stuff.
Please note that some programs may be marked as 'Strong Copyleft'. This means that the license of that tool or product may require you to make the game you create free or to copy the license of the product you chose. The GPL is the most famous example of that. So I really recommend to check the licenses before using the stuff I link to.

Charts by Hits


This list is ordered by the most hits. An item needs at least 10 hits to be listed here.

EntryHitsReviewer's RatingUser rating
1Seashore (for MacOS X)3744Not yet implemented8.4 (5)
2Inno Setup3199Not yet implemented6.4444444444444 (9)
33D Export2830Not yet implemented5.8 (5)
4OGRE 3D2077Not yet implemented8 (2)
5XVI32 - Freeware Hex Editor1967Not yet implemented7.5 (6)
6Eclipse1892Not yet implemented7.2222222222222 (9)
7NullSoft Install System1853Not yet implemented2.75 (4)
8Art of Illusion1698Not yet implemented3.3333333333333 (6)
9QuArK - The Quake Army Knife1695Not yet implemented3 (3)
10Graphics Gale1644Not yet implemented4 (5)
11Sound Image1539Not yet implemented9.2 (5)
12The Wood Workshop1236Not yet implemented6 (4)
13Fami Tracker1236Not yet implemented8.4 (5)
14Pinta1215Not yet implemented3 (2)
15Frinika1214Not yet implemented5.6 (5)
16Psionic1174Not yet implemented6.5 (4)
17Kristal Audio Engine1169Not yet implemented6.25 (4)
18LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio1153Not yet implemented4.6 (5)
19Metasequoia1142Not yet implemented5.25 (4)
20Godot1071Not yet implemented8 (1)
21Tile Studio1056Not yet implemented7.6666666666667 (3)
22Geany1030Not yet implemented9 (1)
23K-3D1018Not yet implemented8 (4)
24Maplet990Not yet implemented5.7 (10)
25iConvert Icons Online986Not yet implemented6 (2)
26Audacity976Not yet implemented7.3333333333333 (12)
27Reiner`s Tilesets947Not yet implemented6.25 (8)
28GLBasic945Not yet implemented7.5454545454545 (11)
29Anvil Studio940Not yet implemented7 (5)
30http://textures.forrest.cz/932Not yet implemented5.4 (5)
31Absolute Background Texture Archive906Not yet implemented7.5714285714286 (14)
32Nihilore903Not yet implemented8 (1)
33opengameart.org868Not yet implemented6.75 (4)
34Color Pic853Not yet implemented6.6666666666667 (3)
35Absolute Sound Effects Archive822Not yet implemented6.3 (10)
36MiniB3D (for Blitzmax)822Not yet implemented6.5 (4)
37WinVorbis & Vorbix821Not yet implemented2.75 (4)
38Mappy815Not yet implemented6.6666666666667 (3)
39DAME814Not yet implemented6.5 (2)
40Wings 3D797Not yet implemented9 (4)
41LithUnwrap788Not yet implemented5.6666666666667 (3)
42Iceberg (for MAC)772Not yet implemented4.875 (8)
43Avi4Bmp770Not yet implemented4.1666666666667 (6)
44Free Sprites762Not yet implemented6 (6)
45UPX: Ultimate Packer for eXecutables758Not yet implemented3.8 (10)
46TextureWobbler754Not yet implemented5 (2)
47Design WorkShop - Lite749Not yet implemented5 (4)
48Dr. Petter`s SFXR748Not yet implemented6.2 (5)
49Anim8or740Not yet implemented6.375 (8)
50Indezine737Not yet implemented5.2 (5)
51Soliton732Not yet implemented6.3333333333333 (3)
52ModPlug Tracker711Not yet implemented6 (5)
53Bitmap Font Builder710Not yet implemented4.6666666666667 (6)
54Clker - The online royalty free public domain clip art702Not yet implemented7.5 (8)
55Ozzed.net657Not yet implemented6 (5)
56PacHD Free Sound Effects651Not yet implemented4.6666666666667 (6)
57FontText639Not yet implemented7 (4)
58Genesis 3D634Not yet implemented5 (3)
59Free Media Goo612Not yet implemented5.4 (10)
60Framework Assistant (for BlitzMax)605Not yet implemented6.5714285714286 (7)
61FreeBASIC605Not yet implemented8 (1)
62Image After601Not yet implemented7.4 (5)
63JCR6598Not yet implemented6.1428571428571 (7)
64FREE!ship589Not yet implemented8.5 (6)
65DeleD587Not yet implemented6 (7)
66Trout583Not yet implemented7.6 (5)
67DevIL577Not yet implemented7.1666666666667 (6)
68Absolute Font Archive577Not yet implemented6.6 (5)
69Euphoria576Not yet implemented9 (1)
70ZPaint569Not yet implemented5.25 (4)
71Epocu - Gaming Crowdspeaking Platform567Not yet implemented10 (1)
72PACDV Free Sound Effects562Not yet implemented7.1428571428571 (7)
73InCompeTech - Royalty Free Music558Not yet implemented7.9375 (16)
74Love2D529Not yet implemented8 (1)
75Open Dynemic Engine520Not yet implemented4.75 (4)
76Lost & Taken520Not yet implemented7.6 (5)
77Tokamak518Not yet implemented6.5 (2)
78DHD Multimedia Gallery513Not yet implemented5.2 (5)
79Exchange 3D505Not yet implemented4.4 (5)
80Ultimate Paint494Not yet implemented2.5 (4)
81IRRLICHT493Not yet implemented6 (8)
82Sound Jay492Not yet implemented7 (2)
83Free Media491Not yet implemented5.8888888888889 (9)
84HME - Height Map editor482Not yet implemented8.3333333333333 (3)
85Bitmap Font Writer475Not yet implemented4.6 (5)
86Brucey`s Modules475Not yet implemented8 (1)
87www.freesfx.co.uk473Not yet implemented1 (1)
88TextureMate472Not yet implemented7 (1)
89Maoi471Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (3)
90RottBott Studios468Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (3)
91WP Clip Art468Not yet implemented7 (1)
92TerraGen´┐Ż461Not yet implemented5.6666666666667 (3)
93Now3D457Not yet implemented4.5 (4)
94The Persistence of Vision Raytracer453Not yet implemented2.4 (5)
95Image After448Not yet implemented4.6666666666667 (3)
96Blender446Not yet implemented6.2857142857143 (7)
97The GIMP445Not yet implemented5.8333333333333 (6)
98Acid Fonts444Not yet implemented2.6666666666667 (3)
99Da Font441Not yet implemented7.6666666666667 (6)
100Morgue File438Not yet implemented5 (7)
101Easy BMP - Cross Platform BMP library436Not yet implemented2.8 (5)
102Stock.xchng435Not yet implemented5.75 (4)
103C-Unit DirectX Tutorials433Not yet implemented5.2 (5)
104SlimShady Lightmapper for B3D432Not yet implemented5.7142857142857 (7)
105www.icsharpcode.net431Not yet implemented10 (2)
1061001 Free Fonts430Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (3)
107Paint.NET427Not yet implemented6.6666666666667 (3)
108Games Factory Pack425Not yet implemented4.25 (4)
109Open Clip Art425Not yet implemented9.25 (4)
110PhotoPlus424Not yet implemented6.5 (4)
111Lua423Not yet implemented8.3 (10)
112Sourceforge418Not yet implemented7.8333333333333 (6)
113Mayang417Not yet implemented4.125 (8)
114Copyright-Free Photo Archive: Public Domain Photos and Images409Not yet implemented4.5 (8)
115GIF Splitter405Not yet implemented7.1666666666667 (6)
116jEdit402Not yet implemented7.125 (8)
117Find Sounds396Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (6)
118Paint Studio389Not yet implemented3.8333333333333 (6)
119RPG Toolkit389Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (6)
120Notepad++389Not yet implemented6 (4)
121InfranView382Not yet implemented5.3333333333333 (3)
122Juicy Fonts377Not yet implemented3 (3)
123Formati371Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (6)
124Python367Not yet implemented7 (1)
125Absolute Cross362Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (6)
126Morduun Big List360Not yet implemented5.5 (4)
127DeleD Designer356Not yet implemented10 (1)
128Ico2O328Not yet implemented8 (1)
129Free Music Archive303Not yet implemented7.75 (4)
130BlitzBasic 266Not yet implemented9 (2)
131Go257Not yet implemented7 (2)
132GJ PIM244Not yet implemented10 (1)
133Mark Sparling 70 day challenge238Not yet implemented9 (1)
134Cool Text - Logo Creator213Not yet implemented8.6666666666667 (3)
135Image Magick202Not yet implemented9 (1)
136Kelvin Shadewing191Not yet implemented7 (1)
137SoX183Not yet implemented8.5 (2)
138itch.io130Not yet implemented8.5 (2)
139Pixel Art Studio115Not yet implemented7 (1)
140Kitty87Not yet implemented8 (1)
141Heks78Not yet implemented9 (1)
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