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Hi there;
This is a quick list of programs and other stuff that is very usable for game programming which is offered up free of charge and free of royalties.
If you know a tool or other thing that is handy for game programmers, please don't hesitate to add it to this list. Nothing it hosted here, we only link to stuff.
Please note that some programs may be marked as 'Strong Copyleft'. This means that the license of that tool or product may require you to make the game you create free or to copy the license of the product you chose. The GPL is the most famous example of that. So I really recommend to check the licenses before using the stuff I link to.

Charts by Rating


This list is oreded by ratings. An item needs at least 5 ratings in order to be listed here.

EntryHitsReviewer's RatingUser rating
1Sound Image1539Not yet implemented9.2 (5)
2FREE!ship588Not yet implemented8.5 (6)
3Fami Tracker1227Not yet implemented8.4 (5)
4Seashore (for MacOS X)3743Not yet implemented8.4 (5)
5Lua423Not yet implemented8.3 (10)
6InCompeTech - Royalty Free Music557Not yet implemented7.9375 (16)
7Sourceforge417Not yet implemented7.8333333333333 (6)
8Da Font438Not yet implemented7.6666666666667 (6)
9Trout583Not yet implemented7.6 (5)
10Lost & Taken520Not yet implemented7.6 (5)
11Absolute Background Texture Archive905Not yet implemented7.5714285714286 (14)
12GLBasic943Not yet implemented7.5454545454545 (11)
13XVI32 - Freeware Hex Editor1965Not yet implemented7.5 (6)
14Clker - The online royalty free public domain clip art702Not yet implemented7.5 (8)
15Image After596Not yet implemented7.4 (5)
16Audacity973Not yet implemented7.3333333333333 (12)
17Eclipse1889Not yet implemented7.2222222222222 (9)
18DevIL577Not yet implemented7.1666666666667 (6)
19GIF Splitter403Not yet implemented7.1666666666667 (6)
20PACDV Free Sound Effects562Not yet implemented7.1428571428571 (7)
21jEdit402Not yet implemented7.125 (8)
22Anvil Studio925Not yet implemented7 (5)
23Absolute Font Archive575Not yet implemented6.6 (5)
24Framework Assistant (for BlitzMax)604Not yet implemented6.5714285714286 (7)
25Inno Setup3058Not yet implemented6.4444444444444 (9)
26Anim8or738Not yet implemented6.375 (8)
27Absolute Sound Effects Archive820Not yet implemented6.3 (10)
28Blender446Not yet implemented6.2857142857143 (7)
29Reiner`s Tilesets944Not yet implemented6.25 (8)
30Dr. Petter`s SFXR743Not yet implemented6.2 (5)
31JCR6597Not yet implemented6.1428571428571 (7)
32ModPlug Tracker710Not yet implemented6 (5)
33IRRLICHT493Not yet implemented6 (8)
34DeleD587Not yet implemented6 (7)
35Ozzed.net652Not yet implemented6 (5)
36Free Sprites761Not yet implemented6 (6)
37Free Media490Not yet implemented5.8888888888889 (9)
38The GIMP444Not yet implemented5.8333333333333 (6)
393D Export2828Not yet implemented5.8 (5)
40SlimShady Lightmapper for B3D432Not yet implemented5.7142857142857 (7)
41Maplet983Not yet implemented5.7 (10)
42Frinika1212Not yet implemented5.6 (5)
43Free Media Goo611Not yet implemented5.4 (10)
44http://textures.forrest.cz/930Not yet implemented5.4 (5)
45DHD Multimedia Gallery509Not yet implemented5.2 (5)
46Indezine736Not yet implemented5.2 (5)
47C-Unit DirectX Tutorials433Not yet implemented5.2 (5)
48Morgue File437Not yet implemented5 (7)
49Iceberg (for MAC)769Not yet implemented4.875 (8)
50PacHD Free Sound Effects648Not yet implemented4.6666666666667 (6)
51Bitmap Font Builder710Not yet implemented4.6666666666667 (6)
52LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio1151Not yet implemented4.6 (5)
53Bitmap Font Writer474Not yet implemented4.6 (5)
54Copyright-Free Photo Archive: Public Domain Photos and Images408Not yet implemented4.5 (8)
55Exchange 3D504Not yet implemented4.4 (5)
56Formati370Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (6)
57Absolute Cross361Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (6)
58Find Sounds395Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (6)
59RPG Toolkit387Not yet implemented4.3333333333333 (6)
60Avi4Bmp768Not yet implemented4.1666666666667 (6)
61Mayang416Not yet implemented4.125 (8)
62Graphics Gale1644Not yet implemented4 (5)
63Paint Studio389Not yet implemented3.8333333333333 (6)
64UPX: Ultimate Packer for eXecutables756Not yet implemented3.8 (10)
65Art of Illusion1696Not yet implemented3.3333333333333 (6)
66Easy BMP - Cross Platform BMP library436Not yet implemented2.8 (5)
67The Persistence of Vision Raytracer451Not yet implemented2.4 (5)
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