The English version of this website is still under construction, so expect that some things do not yet work as they should or maybe even not at all. Some information may also be missing, or be imprinted in Dutch waiting to be translated. Please hang on with me while I'm setting this all in order. Thank you ;)

Long ago, even before the birth of our own solar system, there was somewhere in a far away corner of the universe a world, where magic was quite common. A world where magical Fairies, nature loving Elves, hard working Dwarves, distinguished Befindos, proud Centaurs and tinkering Gnomes and many more races live, sometimes in hostility sometimes in brotherhood.

Come with me, travel to this world, far away from piled up freeways, nasty employers and horrible door-to-door-salesmen. Come to the world of forests and magic, where the Elves would love to show you all the good spots of the woods, where Fairies can show you an outstanding fireworks show and where you can fly to the sky on a Befindo's back.

You are now leaving Earth.

Welcome to Phantasar

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