Jeroen "Tricky" Broks

Jeroen Petrus Broks, author of the Phantasar Chronicles was born on June 19th, 1975 in Breda, the Netherlands.

He is the eldest of two children and always interested in writing stories. Fascinated by fantasy world setting up the world of Phantasar was only a small step for him, as he can vent a lot of inspiration on who this world works. Aside from the stories themselves he thinks a lot about the cultures, religions and political systems which are common on Phantasar.

Aside from a novel writer he is also a php web developer. He also can be found working with BlitzMax and Lua as well developing homemade games.

He also likes to play darts and pool and acting in humorous sketches.

"Living in reality is good, but never forget to fantasize"

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