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Posted by: Tricky; on Aug 7th 2011

Well, well, well, this took me awhile, but it appears to be working.

uTBBS was designed to work with WYSIWYG editors. In order not to invent the wheel myself where others can help me (as I suck in JavaScript) I designed a way to make it possible to add any JavaScript based WYSIWYG editor you like to uTBBS.

Originally I made this possible for OpenWYSIWYG, but as the project has been abandoned for months (if not years) now, I see no fit to support that for uTBBS any longer. Now I'm trying if CKEditor works and if this message shows, it does. First of all now the editor also supports Chrome, the project seems still active and also looks better.

Of course, once uTBBS is gonna be released to the public for own use I must note that in order not to violate any copyrights, I WON'T include CKEditor into the downloadable files, you'll have to download and install it yourself and add the "Settings.php" file to it so that uTBBS knows how to use it. Full instructions for that will be in the documentation by that time of course ;)

Well let's end my message for now and let's check if this shit all works, yeah.... cheeky


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